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Smartphone services

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If you want your smartphone to receive the best possible care when necessary, if you need a large and adequate choice of devices and a new phone each year, if you are so tired of your old smartphone that you want to get rid of it right now, then you are on the right place.

There is no pause button in life, but there is Smartphone protect so you can insure your device

Smartphone protect is insurance for devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart accessories, which gives you security as a subscriber of Yettel that after you get a new device from us, you will be able to enjoy life and not worry even if you break it unintentionally or someone steals it. We offer you two products with different coverage - Smartphone protect and Smartphone protect + , and you decide which one to choose.

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With the Upgrade service, you can get the next model smartphone the moment it comes out.

Upgrade let you have a new model smartphone with a Yettel plan each 12 months. Here is how it works – you take a device on lease with upgrade, then after a year you bring it back without having to pay for it anymore and you buy the new one that you have chosen – in cash or on a lease, the way that suits you best. If you want to be in step with the times, then this service is made for you.

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Bring back your old smartphone and get a voucher for a new purchase at Yettel with the Buy back service.

If you have an old smartphone that you are fed up using or you even have put it away in some locker, we have the right thing for you. With the buy back service, you can bring back your old smartphone and get an assessment of its residual value from our experts. If the offer suits you, you will receive the corresponding amount in the form of a voucher for purchase of a smartphone, tablet or accessory. You can use this voucher when you decide or you can even gift it to a friend. And the most important – you don’t have to be a Yettel subscriber to be able to take advantage of the buy back service.

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If there is an issue with your smartphone, we have our own Repair Service Center

Here at Yettel, we have a team of technicians that are capable to fix the problem of your broken or non functioning smartphone. At our own repair service center, your device will receive the best possible care – from a technical consultation to a potential repair. And if you are a Yettel subscriber we will provide you with a device for temporary use from the same class as yours.

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Choose the lease that suits you with Smart Leasing

If you want to get a device on deferred payment, you can choose the option that is best for you. From the various options of the prepaid leasing to the additional leasing option, in case you want a second device with your current subscription plan – everything is tailored to your needs and capabilities.

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