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Coverage map


Degree of network coverage 2G network (GSM) 3G network (UMTS) 4G network (LTE) 5G NR мрежа Color code
X- signal levels
X- signal levels
X- signal levels
X-ниво на сигнала (SS-RSRP)
1 Lack of coverage X ≤- 100 dBm X ≤ - 105 dBm X ≤ - 110 dBm X ≤ -110 dBm White
2 Satisfactory coverage - 100 dBm < X < - 85 - 105 dBm < X < - 85dBm - 110 dBm < X < - 100 dBm -110 dBm < X < -100 dBm Green
3 Good coverage - 85 dBm ≤ X < - 65 dBm - 85 dBm ≤ X < - 65 dBm - 100 dBm ≤ X < - 80 dBm -100 dBm ≤ X < -80 dBm Yellow
4 Very good coverageо X ≥- 65 dBm X ≥- 65 dBm X ≥- 80 dBm X ≥ -80 dBm Red
Point of presence Level of network coverage
Sofia Available
Plovdiv Available
Varna Available
Burgas Available
Ruse Available
Stara Zagora Available
Pleven Available
Sliven Available
Dobrich Available
Shumen Available
Pernik Available
Haskovo Available
Blagoevgrad Available
Veliko Tarnovo Available
Pazardzhik Covered
Yambol Available
Vratsa Available
Gabrovo Available
Asenovgrad Available
Kazanlak Available
Kardzhali Available
Vidin Available
Kyustendil Available
Targovishte Available
Dimitrovgrad Available
Lovech Available
Silistra Available
Razgrad Available
Dupnitsa Covered
Smolyan Available
Petrich Available
Samokov Available
Svishtov Available
Sandanski Covered
Velingrad Available
Karlovo Covered
Nova Zagora Available
Sevlievo Available
Lom Available
Harmanli Available
Troyan Available
Aytos Available
Botevgrad Available
Gotse Delchev Available
Svilengrad Available
Karnobat Covered
Panagyurishte Covered
Peshtera Covered
Rakovsky Covered
Chirpan Available
Popovo Available
Novi Iskar Available
Pomorie Available
Nessebar Available
Radomir Available
Ihtiman Covered
Parvomai Available
Provadiya Covered
Kozloduy Available
Radnevo Available
Kostinbrod Available
Razlog Covered
Novi Pazar Covered
Bankya Available
Balchik Available
Stamboliyski Available
Kavarna Covered
Byala Slatina Covered
Pavlikeni Available
Elhovo Available
Knezha Covered
Mezdra Available
Bansko Available
Levski Covered
Teteven Available
Lukovit Covered
Sopot Available
Tryavna Available
Isperih Available
Rakitovo Covered
Krichim Covered
Devnya Available
Aksakovo Covered
Svoge Available
Galabovo Available
Septemvri Covered
Beloslav Available
Veliki Preslav Covered
Omurtag Available
Slivnitsa Available
Elin Pelin Available
Pirdop Covered
Dulovo Covered
Hisarya Covered
Zlatograd Covered
Simitli Covered
Lozen Covered
Devin Available
Kostenets Covered
Tsarevo Covered
Kuklen Available
Bozhurishche Available
Saedinenie Available
Madan Available
Yakoruda Available
Bobov dol Available
Topolovgrad Covered
Chepelare Available
Draginovo Available
Kazichene Available
Suvorovo Covered
Sozopol Available
Kameno Available
Ardino Available
Trud Available
Ignatievo Available
Breznik Covered
Polski Trambesh Covered
Nedelino Available
Sveti Vlas Available
Strelcha Covered
Bratsigovo Covered
Belozem Covered
Pravets Available
Smyadovo Available
Slavyanovo Available
Sapareva banya Covered
Parvenets Available
Marten Covered
Sarnitsa Covered
Breznitsa Covered
Kresna Available
Pancharevo Available
Vrachesh Covered
Kryn Covered
Vulchedrum Covered
Shabla Available
Dragoman Available
Topoli Covered
Maglizh Available
Rogosh Covered
Selanovtsi Covered
Sungurlare Covered
Stryama Covered
Primorsko Available
Kableshkovo Covered
Voluyak Available
Ravda Covered
Vetren Covered
Manole Covered
Kaspitchan Covered
Banya Covered
Novi Han Available
German Available
Mizia Covered
Dobrinishte Covered
Staro Oryahovo Covered
Apriltsi Available
Pavel banya Covered
Chepintsi Covered
Novo selo Covered
Skutare Covered
Markovo Available
Kurtovo Konare Covered
Grozdiovo Covered
Obzor Available
Chernik Covered
Katunica Covered
Aheloy Covered
Debren Covered
Tsaratsovo Covered
Voivodinovo Available
Obrochishte Covered
Chernomorets Covered
Byala Available
Dospat Covered
Svetovrachene Available
Tarnava Covered
Koprivshtitsa Covered
Kocherinovo Available
Petyrch Covered
Gyrmen Covered
Bratanitsa Covered
Kokalyane Covered
Yasenkovo Covered
Belashtitsa Covered
Dragichevo Available
Semchinovo Available
Varvara Covered
Harletz Available
Dabnitsa Available
Ezerche Covered
Yakhinovo Available
Ezerovo Available
Radanovo Covered
Alexandrovo Available
Luben Karavelovo Covered
Studena Covered
Golesh Covered
Ognyanovo Covered
Bulgarovo Available
Strazhets Available
Bachevo Covered
Bogomilovo Covered
Slokoshtitsa Available
Planinitsa Covered
Rudarci Covered
Kosharitsa Available
Kaspitchan Available
Gabarevo Covered
Krivina Available
Tynkovo Covered
Bistritsa Covered
Karageorgievo Covered
Vetren dol Covered
Benkovski Available
Priseltsi Available
Ahtopol Available
Katina Available
Sandrovo Available
Karavelovo Covered
Marikostinovo Covered
Bata Covered
Kranevo Available
Musachevo Covered
Voysil Covered
Anevo Covered
Bliznatsi Covered
Kichevo Available
Timarevo Covered
Gorno Dryanovo Available
Yardzhilovtsi Available
Rasovo Available
Dren Covered
Kiten Available
Ivanyane Available
Vaklinovo Available
Tyrnicheni Available
Doganovo Available
Atia Available
Novoseltsi Covered
Piperkov chiflik Available
Hitrino Available
Shkorpilovtsi Available
Trilistnik Available
Bayachevo Covered
Manolovo Available
Luybcha Available
Ravadinovo Covered
Radinovo Available
Hvostyane Available
Ruets Available
Konyavo Covered
Avren Available
Tsarevtsi Available
Balsha Covered
Malo Buchino Available
Gelemenovo Covered
Tserovo Available
Klimentovo Available
Zhiten Available
Golyanovtsi Available
Razliv Available
Airovo Available
Lozenets Available
Moravica Available
Znamenosets Available
Struma Available
Bogdanov dol Available
Zhivkovo Available
Troyanovo Available
Oreshnik Available
Godlevo Available
Zhelyava Available
Drugan Available
Totleben Available
Vylkovo Available
Eleshnitsa Covered
Vishegrad Available
Lebnitsa Available
Stan Available
Svoboda Available
Ezero Available
Zelenikovo Available
Sinemorets Covered
Rozovo Available
Polyanovo Available
Zhelyazno Available
Dolna Dikanya Available
Lyahovo Available
Kumanovo Available
Yastreb Available
Usoika Available
Chernoochene Available
Chilik Available
Gorna Grashtitsa Available
Solishte Available
Novi pazar Available
Bezden Available
Cherna gora Available
Marino pole Available
Golyama voda Available
Zheleznik Available
Moskovets Available
Pryaporets Available
Dobri Voinikovo Available
Dobrina Available
Zaichino oreshe Covered
Srednevo Available
Cherna sklala Available
Staro selo Available
Marchevo Available
Svobodinovo Available
Slivak Available
Strazhnitsa Available
Topola Available
Mogilovo Covered
Podslon Available
Karapoltsi Available
Tsar Simeonovo Available
Palauzovo Covered
Turnovlag Available
Bozhurets Available
Bogdanlia Available
Vratitsa Covered
Velika Covered
Konska Available
Viden Available
Dolna Grashtitsa Available
Rezhantsi Available
Vazel Available
Ravno nivishte Available
Chernovrah Available
Tuylenovo Available
Barza reka Available
Sevdalina Available
Nikolaevo Available
Emona Covered
Vodata Available
Gorni Romantsi Available
Razboishte Available
Arzan Available
Dolni Romantsi Available
Ravna Available
Genchovtsi Available
Okoliite Available
Zelenika Available
Bizhovtsi Available
Velentsi Available
Albena resort Covered
Riviera resort Covered
Kamchia Covered
Pamporovo resort Covered
St. Constantine and Elena resort Covered
Sunny Beach resort Available
Tuzlata Covered
Tsigov Chark Covered
Dyuni Available
Elenite Covered
Golden Sands resort Covered
Fort Nox Available
Primorsko resort Covered
Arapia camping Available
Nestinarka Camping Available
Borovets resort Available
Sunny day resort Covered
Journalist Covered
Euxinograd Covered
Chaika Covered
Betolovoto Covered
Bourgas mineral baths Available
Batak Dam resort Available
Kerenite Available

The map shows coverage of Yettel's 2G, 3G and 4G network. The coverage shown is a computer simulation of the propagation of radio waves. In all locations you are оn Yettel network, you can make incoming and outgoing calls in Bulgaria and abroad.

The quality of the signal depends on terrain type, the location and density of the buildings, your location in the building (eg underground spaces), the model of your mobile phone. These factors, as well as some additional factors, affect the quality of the connection. The map was created by software simulation calculations based on a mathematical model of radio wave propagation and does not provide coverage information with absolute accuracy.

Yettel reserves the right to make changes in the information in regard with the implementation of the planned coverage. Last updated on 09/30/2023.