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Yettel Repair Status Inquiry Form


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Service Center takes care of your devices

If your phone or tablet needs repair, you can count on Service Center. Here we will take care of your devices, while you can easily check the status of the repair online.

Track the status of your request for repair now.
Just enter the service order number and the IMEI of the device.

With the support of

A service by Yettel

Your device will be serviced in our own Service Center of Yettel and thus will be under the professional control and care of your operator.

Convenient to you

You can bring your device to be repaired in the nearest Yettel shop. We will carefully pack it and sent it to Service Center.

Fast and reliable

We offer fast and reliable services. This applies to devices with brands, which Service Center is authorized to repair in Bulgaria and for the rest – the repair duration is as per the legally stated terms.

Various devices

Service Center serves all devices with brands, for which it has been authorized to provide repair services in Bulgaria, no matter where they were purchased from.

Always on the loop

You can always track the repair status online at www.yettel.bg. We will send you SMS for the most important steps of the repair process, as well as when your device is ready to be collected from the Yettel shop.

Your device has some of the issues described below? Before you bring it for repair to Service Center, we recommend you try solving the problem by our useful tips.

The device does not turn on

Try to charge the device for 20-30 minutes. If the problem continues, you may bring the device to the nearest Yettel shop. Please make sure you bring also the respective charger and the USB cable, if it goes with the charger.

The devices automatically turns off or blocks

Save the data on external media, different from the memory card;
Check if the battery of the device is charged;
Check if the device is properly working when connected to a charger;
Update the software (if possible) with a charged battery;
Restore the default settings of the device and format the memory card;

Important: all the information on the device and the memory card will be permanently deleted.

The internet is not working or the speed is slow

Ensure that the Airplane Mode is not turned on and the mobile data is enabled;
Make sure that all applications, which you are not currently using, are closed, and no automatic updates run at the moment;
Restart the mobile data or the device;
Update the software (if possible) with a charged battery;

Not enough memory

Insufficient memory can be extended with a bigger memory card (for devices that support that option);
Applications and media data (pictures, video, music, etc.), which can be transferred from to the memory card, may free some memory in of the device.

The device has problems with calls

Make sure that the Airplane Mode is not activated.
Ensure that there is network coverage;
Make sure that blocking of incoming and outgoing calls is not enabled.

Battery is exhausted too quickly

Ensure that the battery is fully charged;
Make sure that your email is not synchronized too often;
Be aware that data traffic, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi may consume additional energy;
Reduce the display brightness, if the device has this option.

Read carefully the warranty conditions at the back of the warranty card;
Remove the passwords for locking the device, if any;
If it is possible, charge the device in advance. It is not necessary to bring the device with its charger, except in the cases when the problems are connected with the charger related with charging.
Remove all SIM and memory cards, except in the cases when the problems are connected with the latter.
For iPhone users: before bringing the device for repair, it is necessary to turn off the setting “find my iPhone“.
Copy (back up) on another device (computer, phone or external memory) the whole information from your device. If you are not able to do so, upon delivery please ask our shop assistants for support upon delivery.
It is important to delete all sensitive information such as passwords for online banking, credit/debit cards, emails.